Maximize the use of social media to fend off slanders and lies

ASSALAMUALAIKUM to all UMNO members. I pray for your well being, and may Allah bless us.
Dear members.
This is the digital age. With so many advantages it provides, there are also disadvantages, depending on the intention and how we utilise it.
Barisan Nasional (BN) lost GE-14 on May 9, 2018 due to social media crimes. Various propaganda, slander, negative perspectives, exaggerated stories and other bad dispositions were fabricated by the opponents to make the people hate UMNO and BN. It continues to this day.
When they won GE-14, only then that the people realised what they did. This is what slander-based rule and victory is all about.
So much so that a political party forked out big money at that time by offering job opportunities to cybertroopers, worth thousands of ringgit a month. They advertised on Jobstreet, and their mission was to tarnish UMNO and spread slanders about the party.
It still lingers on today. Even though UMNO is part of the present government and with no absolute governing power, they as our partner still is still doing the same thing. Why? Because they don’t want us to rise to occasion. And so, they spew bad things about UMNO as to draw public hatred towards us.
While the people recognised BN’s contributions to religion, race and homeland, some are easily sucked up into such traps. The 22-month regime did it, and now the one-year government is at it.
UMNO members do understand the situation, including the party’s financial and present situation. We were blocked, accounts were frozen and there were attempts to dissolve the party.
Therefore, I urge all members to step on the social media. We need their loyalty and sincerity as we need to move forward to repel all those lies and slanders.
If we do not repel it now, the negative perspectives will continue as their main intention is to stop UMNO from going stronger.
UMNO members are aware of this. Today’s digital world can come up with everything. Videos, photos and voice calls can be designed because the application already exists.
What I am asking for is to rebut the accusation with accurate facts instead of sowing slander and hatred. UMNO leadership is not like them.
UMNO President