Leaders and members is UMNO trademark – Shahril

KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 – UMNO has its own aura in attracting the people’s attention irrespective of whether it is part of the government or the Opposition, said UMNO Information Chief Shahril Hamdan.
He said this is because UMNO has  its own core market which is a pillar of the party’s strength.
“We have a much bigger core or niche market than any other party, the media knows this and even people who don’t like us know this.
“That whatever position UMNO is, it always draw people’s attention and have a great bearing on voters. Political practitioners as well as political observers are aware of it. We are not boasting about it but that’s fact, that the party remains the center of attention.”
He said this at the 75th UMNO Special Interview program which was broadcast live on UMNO Online’s Facebook, last night.
Shahril added that UMNO leadership, whether at the central level or grassroots levels play an important role to strengthen the party.
“UMNO is always a story substance for the media, especially its prominent figures. We don’t have one or two leaders but many of them representing all generations.
“This does not exist in other parties and that make them less attractive. Unlike other parties, especially Bersatu, where everybody can distinguish they don’t have any other potential leaders other than the number one.
“In UMNO, we have them from the president, the deputy president to the central wing exco, in some cases the division women chief, division youth chief, division Puteri chief and so on.
“Why? Because its due to our experience since the early generations.”