Azmin Ali must answer this seven questions


A TOTAL of 5,142 companies with an estimated 1.2 million employees have obtained permission from the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) to continue operating during the TOTAL LOCKDOWN period.
The following seven basic and fundamental questions need to be explained by minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali:
1. What is the basis and justification for allowing those companies operate during period?
2. Is it true that all this falls under the category of ESSENTIAL SERVICES?
3. According to information, some companies and factories are involved in toys making and furniture that is not related to Essential Services.
4. Since yesterday, did the letter of approval for liqqour factory, Carlsberg also get permission to operate? What does liquor have to do with Essential Services?
5. What was the reason for the sudden U-Turn at the last minute yesterday, to give absolute power to MITI when the minister announced to distribute to all ministries to scrutinize every application?
6. Is MITI already a Central Agency that coordinates all economic activities and operations of the country?
7. Does MITI have enough manpower and integrated systems to manage any major and important decisions involving SOP changes in economic management and the pandemics plaguing the country?
All this questions need immediate answer because its important to ensure the effectiveness of the lockdown. The people have sacrificed a lot during this 14-day period.
Readers, do you second this view?
Youth Chief