Zahid: High hope for moratorium, i-Sinar 2.0

KUALA LUMPUR, June 19 – Umno President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hopes the government listens to the people who really hope for moratorium and i-Sinar 2.0 facilities.
This is based on the latest developments and complaints from all walks of life, including taxi drivers.
“Its true for I am not fabricating stories about their difficulties. Taxi drivers appealed for help due to the lukewarm ‘total lockdown’. Majority of them complaint of losing more than 80 per cent of their income. Some taxis have to be towed because they cannot afford to pay the monthly rent.
“Since PKP 3.0, some have only earned RM10 a day and sometimes not even a sen. The luckier ones will work as a security guard to support the family. The same goes for those who are still young and strong. The elderly does not know how,” he said through a Facebook posting.
Zahid added that their complaints may be less well received but taxi drivers are also ‘frontliners’ by shuttling people.
“Taxi drivers are requesting a moratorium for a period of six months until the end of this year. We hope the government listens to their grievances.
“Although this complaint was made in Johor, I believe the situation is the same elsewhere. Moratorium and i-Sinar 2.0 are among the needs of the people at this time,” he said.