Let all meetings run smoothly – Ahmad Maslan

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 14 – Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan acknowledges the start of 191 branch meetings beginning today until 30th November, as announced by the Supreme Council.

“It is hoped the meetings for Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings will follow the SOP set by MKN and KKM.

“The Supreme Council also supports the recent government decision to set up a special committee to look into the death of fireman Muhammad Adib, the review over claim on Pedra Branca (Pulau Batu Putih) and the allegations by former Attorney-General Tommy Thomas,” he says after the MKT meeting at the party’s headquarters last night.

In the previous meeting, the Council decided on dates of the branch meeting without any elections since the Registrar of Societies (RoS) has agreed on its postponement till 29 December 2022.

The branch meetings can be conducted face-to-face or virtually bsaed on the Covid-19 situation locally, with minimum attendance a quarter of those qualified to attend it.

Dates for branch, division and the General Assembly are as follow:

i) Branch meetings
15 Oct – 30 Nov 2021

ii) Wanita, Pemuda and Puteri divisional meetings – simultaneously nationwide
11 Dec dan 12 Dec 2021 (Sat & Sun)

iii) Divisional meeting to run simultaneously nationwide
18 Dec 2021 (Sat)

iv) Geneal Assembly 2021
13-15 Jan 2022 (Thurs-Sat).