Umno/BN consistent in rejecting DAP – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 25 – Party President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said Umno/BN is the most consistent political party when it comes to rejecting idealism promoted by DAP.

Umno/BN, he said is also firm in its struggle for the Malay interest, without sidelining others.

“If we are worried that DAP will wrest power again, make sure Umno/BN is given an absolute victory since it has proven as credible, capable and consistent.

“This criterion, namely winnable, likable and acceptable will apply in picking the right candidates for election,” he said in a Facebook posting, today.

The BN chairman and Bagan Datuk Member of Parliament said the nation has seen how Umno/BN rejected DAP idealism all this whiles.

“In fact, Umno/BN has never had any political partnership, whatever the situation was.

“We take on DAP in GE14 when PPBM gloried them. Umno/BN has also reminded the people who DAP actually are but PPBM on the other hand incited the rural and urban Malays to vote for DAP.”

Umno/BN was still against DAP after the last general election while PPBM continued defending them.

“PPBM only left DAP when they discovered losing the Malay support badly. Umno/BN leaders had never called for a ‘live’ media conference to get DAP support to stay in power.

“The bottom line is, Umno/BN is a credible political party as it is consistent in rejecting DAP idealism compared with others that team-up with them to oust Umno/BN government in 2018.”