Umno is no traitor – Khaled Nordin

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 15 – Umno Vice President Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said the party is not a traitor because it only wants the best for the people and the country.
He said Umno also would never betray the trust given by the people.
“When Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin (TSMY) headed PPBM, some political ‘frogs’ led by Azmin Ali plotted to leave Pakatan Harapan (PH), thinking that their actions were morally correct. But the infamous Sheraton Move made them traitors,” he said in a FB posting.
The fact is, he said, PH collapsed because PPBM and some of its cronies left them without a clear reason.
“It is a betrayal. That is the fact. No dispute. Oddly enough, the individual who was previously the ‘silent mastermind’ and the cause of PH fall, is now starting to come around, claiming he was a victim of Umno’s betrayal, just because we withdrew support for PN and lost his job as the Prime Minister.”
Umno never betrayed anyone, he added, because it wanted the country is not lead by a traitor. “So, even if there are victims of political betrayal in the country, the victims are Umno.
“As the figure who most accepts and celebrates betrayals and party jumpers, TSMY is a predator, not a victim. His party also accepted many who betrayed PKR. They welcomed traitors from Umno, and then them kicked out PH government.”
He said Umno is totally different from PPBM under TSMY, and why Umno did not support him as PM:
First, the declaration of a state of emergency as well as the suspension of Parliament and other democratic institutions did not even make the efforts to combat COVID-19 at that time any better.
Second, the TSMY-led government is a failure. Mass movements such as #KerajaanGagal, #Lawan and #BenderaPutih are clear indications from the public. But, since Umno is also in the PN government, it was partly blamed.
Third, the withdrawal of Umno’s support was not done suddenly, secretly or unfounded. It’s something that has been stated openly, from the beginning and over and over again. In fact, Umno has reminded him that should he failed to improve the situation improves, Umno will pull out.
Fourth, Umno is a party known for fighting betrayal, especially party hoppers. It is Umno representatives who are now proposing and demanding a anti-party law at Dewan Rakyat.