Consider EPF withdrawal, says Zahid Hamidi

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 21 – Party President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi hopes the government will introduce more measures to help those who are in dire need of financial assistance, including the EPF withdrawal and extension to the bank loan moratorium.

“To the authority administering the nation’s finance, I hope they consider the people’s request for EPF withdrawal, and also loan moratorium for another six months.

“The Financial Management and Resistance (URUS) is meant to help the people plagued with hardship due to the pandemic. However, there were so much complaints about URUS allegedly only benefits the banks compared to the people burdened with a large amount of loan.

“It seems that it only benefits the banks while the people are made to suffer from it,” he said in a FB posting responding to a viralled photo about a couple who had to live under a LRT rail flyover.

He said this is a proof of how many people are still suffering economically.

“Good gracious, may the aid given to the couple can change their life. This is the positive aspect of the social media and how we capitalise it. If nobody care for them, then the social media is functionless. Go on with it.