BN does not demonise opponents – Zahid

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 5 – Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamid said BN does not resort to battering or demonising tactics against its opponents as any truth will prevail.
“BN as a people-oriented political party need not to be extreme. After all, we believe that the political thinking patterns of Malaysians are definitely more mature after what they have been through since the 14th general election.
“If we also want ducks to be used as a parable, then BN is like a golden duck laying eggs that brings about stability and prosperity to the nation and people,” he said in a Facebook posting.
The Bagan Datuk MP also said the question on how BN won so many by-elections and emerged victorious in Melaka state election last November can be considered no longer relevant.
“The relevance of a political party in a democracy is based on the current confidence and support of the people. So in refining the allegations against BN, it is necessary to examine which party is actually losing the confidence of the majority of Malaysians,” he said.
He stressed that it is not true that BN wants to be likened to a duck with a broken leg because even though BN lost in GE-14, it does not mean the coalitionhas been wiped out.
“It has been more than three years since May 9, 2018 and BN has already ‘moved on’. All insults, restrictions and pressure to stop BN’s progress are not working,” he said.
He also advised other parties to understand that BN is a legitimate political party with full determination and vigor.
“Therefore, there is no reason for BN to abide by the insistence of certain parties to stop advancing and give in to their wishes.
“Although those who insisted are hiding behind the character of unity, they actually wanted Umno to succumb to their pressure,” he said.