PH lie it managed Johor well, says Shahril

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 20 – Information Chief Shahril Hamdan hopes the people of Johor will not be gullible in believing Pakatan Harapan’s lie that it had achieved a great success when administering the state.

Commenting on a report that PH distorted the Auditor-General report, he said they were selective enough to dupe Johorians into believing how the coalition has brought about many developments in Johor.

In a FB posting, he said the report did not only produce figures on Johor alone. In comparison, the whole country recorded the highest consolidated fund under Barisan Nasional in 2016 and not under PH.

“Johor financial report for 2019 shows its cash reserve was RM2.663 billion higher than the era 2018-2019 under PH. No logic at all.

“The consolidated revenue recorded RM119.07 million in 2016, and this shows the era under BN was the best. We are proud of it.”

He added that the review of Johor statement in 2019 stated that the increase in revenue was among others  attributable to the advanced payment of raw water supply project in the form of set off Federal loan amounting to RM100 million.

The state also made an income through land sale premium from RM260 million to RM160 million.

“If they want to make comparison, we can also do it. For instance, the financial report for 2017 stated that under the state’s Five Year Plan, 92 per cent or 4,040 our of 4,389 projects were implemented,” he said.

“The decrease in public debt in 2019 is also due to the write-off of state and Federal projects and the rural water project loans amounting to RM189.39 million, that the debt and arrears of the state government was not settled by PH but by the Federal’s set-off.”