The world hopes for Malaysia’s stability

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 – Most of the 27 foreign diplomats who attended the Umno General Assembly on March 18 agreed on the needs for general elections to be held soon in Malaysia.
At a luncheon with the President, Deputy President and other party leaders, they also agreed with the call that an absolute and legitimate government must be installed.
A High Commissioner said Malaysia should take all necessary steps restore international confidence, especially among foreign investors.
“Many investors take a wait-and-see attitude to make new investments or expanding existing operations.
“The government legitimacy guarantees stability and democratic processes anywhere in the country. Malaysia can bring it back. ”
An ambassador, on the other hand, opined that the change to the new regime in GE14 had plunged the country into various problems.
“The world has seen how Malaysia developed before that when FDI inflows were among the highest in the region.
“It is up to the existing parties, how to bring it back,” he said.
In addition, they hope that a progressive administration such as Barisan Nasional can be re-established in Malaysia.
“It would be a pity if a country that was so great in the past was stunted in its development by unstable politics. I think Malaysians have realised it as shown in Melaka and Johor (state elections)”.