Muhyiddin in a fix and embarrassment

TAN Sri Muhyiddin Yassin mentioned that Umno President Dato’ Seri Dr Zahid Hamidi has requested him to intervene in his court cases.

Firstly, our President has reiterated how he wanted his name to be cleared through court proceeding.

Secondly, had it happened at the beginning of PN government as alleged by TSMY, why did he only reveal it during Johor state election? Which is two years after PN government was established.

Why did he fabricated such stories only after being under Umno’s tremendous pressure? Did he choose in making those allegations in the mainstream media just because he has no more interest in Umno? Why not from the beginning?

This is what he is now. In a fix and embarrassment. He simply refuse to admit his insincerity in treating Umno as an ally. When Umno provided him with the majority, he was silence. When Umno seems to be pulling the plug, he turns something else.

In other words, and as to whether the story is true of fake and as to whether he is only interested in the PM’s job, its for everybody to determine.

Maybe you may choose this narrative: Umno President has led the party from its downfall to become victor again, that he has chalked victory after victory since the defeat in GE14 even though he was under tremendous pressure from his opponents since 2018.

This makes the opponents restless and the only way to demonise him is to come up with all filthy tactics to bring him down since he has yet to be implicated with any wrongdoings thus far.



Information Chief