Enough is enough Tun Dr Mahathir! – Ahmad Maslan

MALAYSIANS are starting to get fed up with Tun Mahathir’s behavior. He is no more relevant to national politics and his era is long gone.

I give 3 main reasons why he is less or no more relevant.

2. First, when Tun Mahathir became the Prime Minister, the pro-Malay/Bumiputera policy he pursued was less successful. In fact, he always insulted and belittled the Malays by labelling them lazy and names.
3. He did not prioritise pro-people policies such as BR1M, 1Malaysia Clinic, 1Malaysia Shop, student card, 1Malaysia Taxi, subsidy to rubber tappers, fishermen and others because it was considered wasteful and spoils the Malays.
4. The Malay Dignity Congress he organised was nothing more than chicken poop. No concrete offer was given to the Malays.
5. If anything, the Common Prosperity Policy pioneered by Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) failed to yield the expected results. Malays/Bumiputeras are still left behind. The education and income gap among the Malays has not improved ever since.
6. Recently, he said that there were many plans to assist the Malays but he has no more time since removed from the Prime Minister post.
7. He had forgotten that he was the one who resigned and sparked the administrative conflict. This conflict has brought down the Government that the people voted for in GE-14.
8. His 22-month government also became a black dot to the country’s politics because it failed to implement the manifesto which he said was not a ‘holy book’.
9. Secondly, Tun Mahathir no longer manages Malaysia’s political dynamics. If he and his party are given the confidence to lead Malaysia, stability will not be restored. Parti Pejuang is his third party after Umno; leave Umno, came back to Umno, left again and formed PPBM; out of PPBM, the established Pejuang.
10. When PPBM was in Pakatan Harapan (PH), Tun Mahathir failed to “control” Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and a ‘scheme of things’ took place which became a public secret.
11. Tun Mahathir also failed to “control” the doctrine of the Democratic Action Party (DAP) which claimed to safeguard the interests of the Malays/Bumiputeras in every policy, action and speech.
12. Thirdly, if Tun Mahathir insults Datuk Seri Najib Razak on the terms ‘Cash is King’, he should remember that in his time, ‘Crony is King’ and not the people became his utmost subject.
13. Economic ideology in enriching a handful of cronies with the assumption that others will benefit, is unacceptable. As a result, his few cronies became rich and the people, especially the Malays/Bumiputeras are still far from being success.
14. Tun Mahathir once said that he never had cronies, only qualified and capable people. Doesnt make any sense that out of 32 million Malaysians, only his cronies thrive.
15. The nightmare for Tun Mahathir started when he left Umno. His leadership was glorified when he became PM for 22 years. Although various policies and approaches have been successful, many have failed. But that was him in Umno then.
16. Without Umno, he looks worn out due to the controversy surrounding it. Not only Tun Mahathir, other leaders who left this party also met the same fate. What’s wrong?
17. Umno produces leadership through a process of training and long experience. It is not easy to lead a party that has 22,000 branches and complex structures at the divisional, state and national levels. The decision making process in Umno also goes through a long and thorough process.
18. Tun Mahathir is seeing a very dynamic change in the political landscape. A wave was mooted with the aim of toppling Umno and BN but his Pakatan Harapan also took a tumble.
19. Who is Tun Mahathir without Umno? His Pejuang lost all deposits in 42 seats contested in Johor. The PPBM he inspired “betrayed” each other until the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan. Pejuang has only 4 parliamentary seats at present, including himself and his son.
20. The failure of various policies that disrupt the well being and harmony of the people is very detrimental. His various statements hurt the Malays sentiment.
21. Again, who is Tun Mahathir without Umno? He follows Umno’s development closely. Even the Special General Assembly on the latest amendment to Umno’s constitution has became his target. Who asked him to make comments?
22. The character assassination committed on Umno leaders cannot cripple Umno. He forgot that Umno does not belong to anyone. It belongs to all Malays and continues to be the guardian and protector of the Federal Constitution and the Monarchy.
23. In conclusion, Malaysia’s decline in many areas and other setbacks is largely due to Tun Mahathir’s own political actions.
24. He may be the Father of Malaysian Modernisation but he has been less successful in navigating Malaysia towards a better era.
25. For that, he has to accept the reality, and enough is enough!!
18 MAY 2022

18 MEI 2022