Reshaping Barisan Nasional: President’s full speech

FULL Speech by Barisan Nasional Chairman Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi at the BN Convention and 48th Anniversary, June 1st 2022:

LET me be downright by saying that this assembly is a testimony to Barisan Nasional’s strength, and that we are ever ready to lead the country again.

  1. My gratitude to all component and friendly parties from all over the country for taking part in this convention. Your commitment manifests your readiness to put BN back to where it belong.
  2. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish our friends in Sabah and Sarawak ‘Happy Kaamatan’ and ‘Happy Gawai’ respectively.
  3. Together with us today are distinguished guests from some foreign missions in Malaysia. Let us welcome them with a big applause.
  4. Your Excellencies High Commissioners, Ambassadors and Heads of Mission. I wish to assure you of the efforts we have been undertaking over the past few years to ensure that Barisan National will come back stronger in the next election and put Malaysia back on the right track. We need to restore the political stability lost since May 2018. We will bring back diplomatic normalcy. BN is giving you this assurance.
  5. We believe that policy reform is a crucial catalyst for Malaysia’s business environment. We must regain the lost confidence among global investors. A better business environment and new incentives must open the doors to this.
  6. We keep getting constant messages from the international communities for BN to lead the central government again. We are aware of their conscience and quest. 

Dear friends,

  1. Founded 48 years ago, Barisan Nasional succeeded the struggle of Parti Perikatan (Aliance Party) since 1953. We ruled nation for over 62 years since Independence until the voters decided to change it in the 14th General Election.
  2. The sad episode, however, was a blessing in disguise for BN as it provides us with better insight how the party can be further improvised and strengthened. We clawed back.
  3. Similarly, it also gave rooms for the people to make comparison in determining which party was best to manage their wellbeing and prospering the nation. And for the first time ever, Malaysians have seen how three government led by three prime ministers changed hands in just four years. Beginning with PH (Pakatan Harapan), Malaysians were promised the ‘moon and the stars’ under the ‘New Malaysia’ slogan, that saw many attempts to ransack and destroy what was built before. Their trust we not only betrayed and toyed around but led to wipe off BN’s legacy which was meant for the people’s wellbeing.
  4. PH took a tumble when its premier resigned, leading to the ‘failed’ PN regime taking over. It also changed hands for the third time when a new prime minister from BN was installed. However, a mixed government banking on the Opposition’s mercy is at rickety and might collapse anytime.
  5. It can be summarised that the country has lost its footing in several aspects since GE14, namely:

Creating uneasiness when they tried to sideline the important role of Malay/Islam in multiracial integration, by:

  1. Inciting inter-racial prejudice that tore social harmony apart; and
  2. The New Malaysia formula that blanketted the administrative transparency when votes were exploited, placing the judiciary under their command and silencing the critics with selective prosecution. All filthy avenues were used as tools for power.
  3. The 4-year dark episode shows that stability is achiveable only under Barisan Nasional. And for that very reason, we must restore the ‘Original Malaysia’ and not the disastrous ‘Malaysia Baharu’ or New Malaysia.
  4. The Original Malaysia should take the cue from what was introduced by our BN forefathers in the Constitution and further fortified in the Rukunegara, which are tolerance among multiracial Malaysians.
  5. BN feels committed to restore that with new and better approach, including good governance, enhance transparency and waging a total war in graft.
  6. The people are blase over political hypocrisy that led to instability when they were sucked further into life predicament as compared to those in other countries. Now there are signs they want BN to come back.
  7. This was demonstrated in seven by-elections beginning with Cameron Highland. It continued in Sabah state election when we formed the single largest party, and won by ¾ majority in Melaka and two third in Johor.
  8. I am convinced that such a trend stemmed out from the people’s awareness that only stability and loyalty must be secured in order to elevate their standard of living after four years of hardship.
  9. As such, Barisan Nasional must take up this full responsibility without discounting the essence of the Federal Constitution. Moderation must be asserted in any move we make.
  10. Moving forward to restore normalcy by making new offers to the people.
  11. Internally, BN must exit the old method in seat allocation among its component parties in preparing for the next general; compromising on the ultimate objective to win the GE by adopting to my formula of choosing candidates who are winnable, acceptable and
  12. Introducing more new faces to reflect BN’s forward image. We have proven this in Melaka (87 per cent) and Johor (79 per cent). Based on this achievement, it also shows our ability to win the young voters aged 18-25.
  • We must remain inclusive. To restore stability, embrace the moderation principle to woo back the people’s support.
  1. Offer them new agenda and reformation at each and every level of administration, more transparency and good governance, among which are the judiciary and MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Be more competitive globally.
  2. Put the economy on the right again, especially in this region. Distribution of wealth must cover all races and not necessarily need-based and race-based. We have the experience and expertise to expedite this effort.

Dear friends,

In giving a new better image to the party, we must make full preparation in run-up to the next general election. Although many are anticipating it, let me discuss the date with the Prime Minister. It has been four years since the last GE, which means GE15 can be held anytime. We must not fall complacent. Bear in mind that there are still unfinished business to attend to.

  1. As once said by Sun Tzu:

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and seek to win”.

  1. Hence, we have an uphill battle ahead. Beef up our preparation at all levels, notably at the parliamentary, state and polling regions. Immediately after the convention, the Deputy Chairman will be on a nation road tour to examine the preparation. I also want all BN election committee be activated at all levels.
  2. Move as BN, think as BN. From now on, we are BN, not UMNO, MCA, MIC or PBRS. We want to win. Give victory to Barisan Nasional. Let us get cracking!