Government must look into spiraling prices – MKT

1. Umno Supreme Working Council (MKT) meeting chaired by President YB Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi tonight (24 June 2022) discussed the people’s issues, especially involving the rising cost of living, spiraling prices of goods and services due to inflation and the global economic crisis.
2. The meeting made several resolutions and recommendations as follows:
2.1. Urges the government to immediately address the issue of rising prices of basic food items holistically, integrated and effective. For example, in the issue of chicken prices, the proposal to create a National Poultry Board should be considered so that this issue is seen in a broader perspective, namely its production, breeding costs and bran costs to avoid cartel manipulation.
2.2. To emphasize the targeted subsidies must really benefit the largest group of people affected. This includes not arbitrarily by withdrawing subsidies simply because of weaknesses in enforcement.
2.3. Supports the government’s decision to withdraw its earlier decision to float the price of chicken in the market and not to raise electricity and water tariff rates. Similarly, the government’s commitment to continue subsidies of RM5.8 billion despite the high increase in fuel and generation costs.
3. The meeting also decided that the Umno election machinery at all levels be mobilised together with the component parties under BN so that the level of readiness is at the highest level.
4. MKT reiterated the need for the Anti-Party Jumping Act to be tabled immediately in Parliament before GE-15. The Political Funding Act also needs to be looked into so that clear guidelines on party finances can be regulated.
5. Hizatul Isham Abdul Jalil has been appointed by the President and was sworn in as a new MKT member. He is known as a social media activist, 46 years old and holds among others a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University.
24 June 2022