Unity the key to people’s struggle, says Zahid

BENTONG, July 18 – Unity is the key for any party to uphold the people’s interest, says Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He says this must achieved through strong determination among party members in avoiding any internal clash orchestrated by outsiders.

“In any government or political parties, external elements usually will go all out to break us apart. We will be history should we fall into their trap,” he says when closing the election courses for Bagan Datuk constituency here, today.

The BN chairman and Bagan Datuk Umno Division chief also hopes party members will take lesson from the past Islamic leaders and empires who succumbed to their enemies.

“The 800-year old Islamic government in Europe came tumbling down due to breakaways and disunity among leaders and members, which led to Spain being ruled by a Christian government today.

“Also, we have seen how the Mamluk under Turkey which once controlled Mekah and Madinah we defeated by the Saud family and formed Saudi Arabia country,” he says.