We will abide by RoS decision, says Ahmad Maslan

PONTIAN, 30 July – Umno is ready to abide by all RoS decision regarding the amendment of the party’s Constitution.
Secretary General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan said a meeting of the Supreme Council (MT) will be held on August 4 to discuss the decision made by the Registrar of Societies. The RoS approved the amendment a day earlier.
Only a few amendments were made by the RoS, namely that party elections to be held within the 18-month selection period to within six months after the general election.
“Many things are maintained in the approved amendment, in line with Umno’s wishes. One is election for one term… What is maintained is that elections will be held after the general election for branches, divisions, youth and Puteri.
“The thing that is maintained is that this election is made every three years. However, MT can be postponed for no more than six months after the GE,” he said after the Best Malaysian Higher Certificate Award Ceremony (STAM) Award at the An-Nur Arab High School in Benut here, Saturday.
Yesterday, Ahmad was reported to have said that the RoS approved the amendment of the party Constitution so that party elections would not take place more than six months after the GE, and that he received the RoS decision yesterday evening through a letter.
The Pontian MP said at the August 4 MT meeting, the date for the 22,000 branches election slotted for September will also be re-set.
“There is no need for party elections in the near future, so we can focus more on the GE. The existing positions will remain until the GE, it can further stabilize the party’s position.”