Bung Moktar denies split in Umno Sabah

SABAH Umno chairman Bung Moktar Radin has dismissed claims that the party was split amid some of its assemblymen meeting up with Chief Minister Hajiji Noor last weekend.

Bung rejected the claims on social media that the party was split into two groups in the state and blamed it on certain people with selfish political agendas trying to create a negative perception and break the unity in Sabah Umno.

Speaking in Kota Kinabalu, he said that assemblymen have the right to meet the Chief Minister to convey issues faced by the people in their respective areas.

Bung was commenting on a photo posted to social media showing at least four assemblymen including the party’s Usukan assemblyman Mohd Salleh Tun Said meeting up with Hajiji at his house last weekend.

Salleh and the other assemblymen have not said what their meeting with Hajiji was about.

Bung said that certain parties were trying to spread the perception on social media that Sabah Umno is split following the meeting.

However, Bung agreed that there are varying views among the state party leaders and added that there is no split among the leadership in the state Umno.