China PM visit enhances two-way relations

DEPUTY Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the visit by China’s premier Li Qiang proves Beijing’s commitment in enhancing the relationship between two countries.

Both nations which celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relation on May 31st also saw Zahid and his antourage visited China on May 22 to June 2nd.

China and Malaysia have agreed to renew a five-year economic and trade cooperation pact.

The deal, which will deepen relations between the two countries as they mark 50 years of diplomatic ties, was inked during a trip by Chinese Premier Li Qiang on Wednesday. The visit to Malaysia’s administrative capital Putrajaya was the last leg of a regional trip intended to expand China’s influence in the Asia Pacific as geopolitical tensions with the United States rise.

“China is ready to work with Malaysia,” said Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, whose government rolled out the red carpet for his arrival the previous evening.

“China is advancing Chinese modernisation on all fronts through high-quality development. Malaysia, on its part, is promoting national development …”

Following private talks, the two leaders witnessed the signing of various pacts, including the economic and trade deal. Officials said that the pact would bolster links between industries in priority sectors like high-level manufacturing and the digital economy.

Other agreements signed aim to promote investment in green development, combat transnational crime, and boost housing and urban development, higher education, people-to-people exchanges in science and technology, tourism and cultural cooperation, Zahid said.

Among major cooperation in the pipeline is the binding of some agreements on technical trainings under TVET.