Re-opening non-essential business: No compromise to safety

THE government has extended the Movement Control Order (MCO) until April 28. However, some businesses are allowed to re-open namely construction, research and manufacturing. Laundrettes and hair saloons are also allowed to operate.

This decision needs a reversal in line with the Ministry of Health concern and the people’s reaction.

Allowing businesses like hair saloons and laundrettes to re-open should be postponed as they are categorised as non-essentials. Similarly, no ‘bazar Ramadan’ should operate during this time.

The public has avowed their opposition to the re-opening of such non-essential businesses. In fact some operators of such businesses have voiced concern operating during this pandemic period.

The MCO must come to full effect until Malaysia is totally freed from Covid-19 pandemic. The government’s priority now is not to compromise with health.

Each and everyone of us must contribute towards our community survival. Nothing is more important than protecting their life and security.

God Willing, we can go back no normal life once the pandemic ends. We can enjoy Hari Raya, having various bazaars and visiting friends and relatives.

Until then, our task is to break the pandemic chain and put a stop to its contagion. Stay home, observe self-hygiene and social distancing!

Dato’ Seri Utama Mohamad bin Haji Hasan
UMNO Deputy President

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