Safety SOP at schools must be monitored

FACE-to-face school sessions throughout the country involving 524,718 students who will sit for examinations, of whom 400,445 are for SPM, 92,964 (STPM), 23,313 (SVM) and 7,996 (STAM) commenced at the height of Covid-19 pandemic.
If the implementation of the state of emergency is intended to protect the lives of the people as a whole, of course our children should not be exposed to health hazards.
Furthermore, the decision made seems to be in a hurry, forcing our children to return to their classes and commute to school to face exams that are around the corner, for example SPM, SVM and STAM sometimes in February.
Ironically, the question arises as to why the school sessions are allowed to open during this emergency period when there were calls to postpone it for a while?
Are we gambling on the life of our children?
Therefore, I urge the health and safety SOP in every school to be reviewed and monitored regularly. Support members such as RELA and the Malaysian Civil Defense Force are advised to assist in compliance with SOPs in schools.

UMNO President
Jan 21, 2021