When will Israel learn to be human? – Mohamad Hasan

KUALA LUMPUR, May 9 – Deputy President Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said the international community must condemn Israeli continuous atrocity against the Palestinians.

Commenting on news report that more 170 Palestinians were injured by rubber bullets strayed by the Zionist police at Al-Aqsa mosque, he said the act is deplorable and beyond humanity.

“They were just performing the final Friday prayer for Ramadan and showing protest against the erection of 540 illegal Israeli houses in Sheikh Jarrah.

“When will humanity exist to the Israelis? The construction of more houses on the Palestine land made the peace process looks complicated

“Future peace talks will be more impossible by what Israel is doing,” he said in a Facebook posting.

Mohamad also urged the Malaysian government, the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) and respective world bodies to issue statements condemning Tel Aviv regime.

“We had enough of their blatant violence but the Israelis are making it as a daily routine. We cannot just let it prolong.

“We must play an active role to put all these to a halt.