“We are Umno, its our future” – Zahid

“WE are Umno, its our future,” said President Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.
In a Facebook posting today, BN chairman said that the Melaka State Election (PRN) demands a noble struggle.
“It is for the sake of the party, the champion of religion, race and country. God Willing, victory will be on our side if we continue upholding it.
“The entire machinery, members, supporters and Umno leadership are in high spirit, very united. Mobilize our  energy and ideas for victory of our candidates,” he said.
He further commented that there is nothing more important in the Melaka PRN that has to be endured than the party’s success.
“Understand that PRN Melaka is Umno’s struggle for the future of the people and the country. This is our joint trust and responsibility for the people,” he said.
He added that any struggle must uphold the truth and need sacrifices.
“It’s a sacrifice of time, energy, feelings and everything, but it’s really something sacred and pure,” he said.