BN takes up any challenges – Ahmad Maslan

PONTIAN, Jan 30 – Secretary-General Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan urged all party members to continue working for victory in the Johor state election (PRN) without any fear of any challenges.

He said in light of the current political scenario, they can expect anything including the merger between PAS, PPBM, Gerakan and Star under the Perikatan Nasional logo.

“It is not surprisingly to Umno/BN because we had expected to come face to face with PN.

“I urges all Umno/BN, PBRS and Friends of BN machineries to worker harder to secure our victory. We hope all efforts by divisions continue until the nomination, during early voting and election days.

“Don’t be complacent since our major victory in Melaka state election. There might be a slight difference in Johor but the victory in Melaka should motivate us in any PRNs or by-elections,” he said.

The Pontian MP also said PH is breaking up because its components wanted to contest using their own logo.

“This is interesting to watch because they bicker on logo issue, one side will use PKR logo while the other to use PH’s. This proof how they are not united as claimed before. What happened in Melaka will repeat in Johor, and we are ready for them,” he said.

Ahmad also said the nation practices full democracy and parties like Pejuang and Muda are welcome to contest in Johor.

“Its up to them whether to contest or not. What’s important is for us to strengthen Umno/BN.”