Not true split in Sabah Umno, says Jeffery Nor

THERE is no issue of splitting among Sabah Umno members in determining the issue of cooperation with other parties to face the upcoming 17th State Election (PRN17).

Sabah Umno Elections director Jeffery Nor Mohamed said this matter is still at the preliminary discussion stage, and has not been finalised.

According to him, any proposal for cooperation with other parties has not been submitted to the central BN for discussion.

Jeffery, who is also the Putatan Umno chief, said he was surprised when someone who is not a politician and is not in the Umno/BN is more knowledgeable about the current position and situation of Umno and the Sabah Barisan Nasional, which is allegedly divided into two groups in determining cooperation with other parties to face PRN17.

According to him, even though the individual is a political analyst, not all of his writings and views are accurate about the current political issues in Sabah. Moreover his writings and views are not based on facts and favor one side only.

Jeffery said this following a media statement by political analyst Lee Kuok Tiung from University of Malaysia Sabah (UMS), which was published on a national portal recently.